Human Resources Applications

Human Resources Applications

Goal of our Hiring Process is to acquire human resources with suitable qualification and competencies for the vacant positions in our organization in line with our Human Resources Policy.

These competencies are;

  • Setting Direction
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Cooperation Development
  • Goal Oriented
  • Creativity and Enterprising spirit
  • Self Development and Development of Co-workers
  • Reconciling with and Managing Diversity
  • Customer-Sensitive.
In evaluation of candidates as to competence and technical suitability for the job, all or some of the evaluation tools below are applied according to the qualifications of the position. Such candidates are interviewed by Human Resources Department and related business units.
  • English Examination
  • Competence-based Interviews
  • Personality Inventory
Candidates who are found suitable as a result of all these evaluations are offered a job by the company. In order to quickly integrate newly recruited friends with our company, Orientation Program is arranged. In this program, presentations and information are provided on;
  • Introduction of the Company, Company’s vision, strategy and goals
  • Human Resources strategies and practices
  • The function and position.

Performance Management System covers management of individual performance of Entek employees in line with corporate targets, and provision of necessary information and interviews timely and in accordance with rules.

Career development / backup, remuneration and individual development policies are set in line with the results of such evaluation.

Annual targets are set for each employee under company’s priorities in line with group’s and company’s goals, and necessary evaluations are made at the end of year.

Results of such evaluations, career development / backup, remuneration and individual development policies are set.

Our job evaluation method based on the factors that differentiate the job, independent of title and function, constitutes the infrastructure of our salary system, and we use a competitive and fair remuneration system that support our strategies, and compensates competent human resources according to size of the job and the structure of the sector, and distinguishes and rewards performance, and motivates the employees.

Salaries are increased once a year in January. Salaries are paid as 16 gross salaries per year, being 12 salaries and 4 bonuses.

Every year, “Employee Loyalty Research” is implemented by an independent audit firm, as an indication of Entek’ s appreciation of its employees.

With this practice, we perform multidimensional query from the working environment to company management, to performance evaluation system to intra-corporate communication and salary/fringe benefits, and see the expectation and evaluation of our employees, measuring the satisfaction and loyalty levels in professional life, then create and implement action plans for improvement.