Koç My Family Program

Koç My Family Programme is an application that enables Koç Group employees to advantageously benefit from the products and services of companies within and outside the Group.

As Koç Group, our greatest strength is that we have companies that can meet such requirements.

With the Koç My Family Programme, Koç Group employees are offered special advantages from the products and services of Koç Group Companies, and additional advantages through seasonal campaigns.

With these opportunities, social activities and social responsibility projects that will raise the awareness of being a Community employee are offered to employees within the scope of the My Family Programme.

Flexible Benefit Program Flextra

With Flextra, our flexible side benefit application, our employees choose their side benefits themselves from Turkey`s largest side benefit pool in line with their needs and wishes. Moreover, they gain many advantages such as income tax exemption and attractive discount rates depending on the product they choose.

The privilege of FLEXTRA, which offers many opportunities from Private Pension to grocery shopping, from smartphones to fuel, awaits you at Entek.

Dietitian Support

At Entek, your health is very important to us. For this reason, we provide free dietitian support to all our employees. In this way, in order to strengthen your immunity and have a healthy body, you can get answers to your questions during the day, request a special diet program for yourself, in short, you can get expert support while adding strength to your strength!

Koç Pension and Assistance Fund Foundation

Koç Holding Pension and Assistance Fund Foundation is a social security institution established on November 1, 1967 to provide "additional social security and assistance" to its personnel working in Koç Group companies and also subject to the Social Insurance Institution.
Every employee who starts working in Koç Group companies can become a member of the Koç Pension and Assistance Fund Foundation.

The aid and services provided to its members are as follows:

  • Health insurance services including spouse and children
  • Financial support for housing and meeting certain needs,
  • Risk Coverage in case of death, inability to work due to illness and disability,
  • In case of retirement or termination of membership:
    a) Wholesale payment,
    b) Pension payment,

From the date of joining the foundation, members pay a certain amount of premium from their wages every month, provided that they do not exceed the cut-off ceiling determined by the Board of Directors of the Foundation every year. The paid units are accumulated in the name of the employee and evaluated in mutual funds.

Companies also deposit the same amount of participation shares into Private Pension accounts opened in the name of their employees. 

Psychologist Support

We provide online psychologist support to support you both in your business and private life, and with this system where you can have one-on-one sessions with psychologists, we are there for you when you need it.

Food and Service Facilities

Lunch and transportation services are provided by our company.

Working hours

Headquarters is Monday - Friday 08.30-17.30. The working hours of the facilities may differ according to the location and shift conditions of the enterprises.